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Effective and Comprehensive Digital Marketing and SEO Strategies for Legal Groups

Beyond the trials and tribulations of running a legal business, you want a cost-effective marketing strategy that gets you the clients and cases you want. Digital Marketing Group taps into a wide network of resources that deliver proven results.


You want to win-In more ways than one. Procuring lucrative clients and cases. Receiving more engagement on your website and social media. Getting a farther reach with your website and advertising. If you want to attract opportunities, you must depart from generic strategies.

Since 2010, Digital Marketing Group has been dedicated to helping legal groups establish an online presence and transcend normalcy. You won’t ever have to lose online traffic or a potential client to a less experienced attorney ever again.

We also understand that every legal practice has its own unique challenges. Some law firms require less assistance than others. For that reason, Digital Marketing Group offers three types of consultation services:

  • DIFM (Do It For Me) – Our team of marketers, creators, legal professionals, developers, and designers will take control of your SEO, content management and creation, marketing, ads, and more. This gives you the flexibility you need to run your law practice without needing to worry about your website or online presence.
  • DIWM (Do It With Me) – If you already have a dedicated marketing team in place or some knowledge about digital marketing, we will partner up with you. With the DIWM method, we become an augmented team that works with you to accelerate your marketing, advertising, and branding.
    DIY (Do It Yourself) – This level of consultation is ideal for those with skills in marketing who want to increase their proficiency and productivity. We will introduce to you some of our proven strategies, software; we also analyze and address any weaknesses in your current website or digital marketing efforts.

Our consultation services will be tailored to your legal practice, so you can transform your businesses into a high-powered force.


If you could partition a section of every day to write up content for your website, you would. But we get it-you’re busy with planning triumphs in the court room. That is why Digital Marketing Group has a hand-selected group of writers who are highly educated and experienced in law or have their own legal practice to do content creation for you.

With our genius creators, you get more of everything. More research, more evidence, and more experience going into every sentence. Such quality content will command the attention of potential clients. After having written more than hundreds of thousands of articles and creating just as many websites for legal businesses, we are positive that our reasonable rates and impressive content will raise no objections.


Did you know that over 93% of consumers are using search engines to find lawyers just like you? Because of that, you want to know that you are making a lasting, persuasive impression whenever someone visits your website or social media.

One of the things that makes DIgital Marketing Group unique is our genuine love of learning about the people and businesses we work with. We’re all about people before the process, which is why we take time to build a relationship with you-and help you do the same between you and your clients. This includes web presence management, social media management, and search engine optimization (SEO).


At the end of the day, one thing matters most: revenue. You want to know that your return-of-investment has increased, that whatever you’re spending is coming back to your two- or three-fold. Bringing in more traffic and more conversions is how that is going to happen. After enhancing your web presence, building a sound marketing strategy, and generating top quality content, you will see guaranteed results. But we at Digital Marketing Group take it step further.

We develop the ideal sales funnel that targets the perfect client for your legal practice. We then set into motion tactics that help you nurture that lead, capturing their attention so that the next time they need your services, they will come to you first.


You want more than a marketing company who claims to know it all. You want results. Rather than pretending that we have all the answers, Digital Marketing Group dedicates our time to understanding your law firm’s specific needs and goals. Then, we immerse ourselves, making your goals our goals, so that no opportunity for growth is overlooked.

Personal Injury Lawyers

In competitive fields like personal injury, you need strategies that get you everything you need fast, such as clients, presence, and most importantly, revenue. You need a partner who understands the shifts in legislation, industry trends, and even common issues that affect a personal injury practice like yours. Digital Marketing Group will handle your site’s digital marketing and SEO so you can focus on what’s essential: assisting your clients win their legal battles.

Immigration Lawyers

You want to prove that you provide stellar representation for your clients and claim victory in the courtroom. We want the same for you. That is why Digital Marketing Group tailors our consulting, creative, social media, and conversion services to your practice and goals. Our approach eliminates the current challenges you face with marketing and technology. More than that, we help you seamlessly communicate to those who need your services the most.

Criminal Defense Lawyers

Legal marketing solutions are all about pinpointing the needs of prospective clients and getting them through the door. Criminal defense lawyers need to highlight what makes them better than the rest, and our targeted solutions do just that. We help criminal defense lawyers set themselves apart from the competition by highlighting your experience, reputation, and authority.

Bankruptcy Lawyers

Ready to bring about a new era for your bankruptcy firm? Times are changing, as is technology and law. Your strategies had better be adaptable. To keep up with the legislative trends, you will need a marketing company who is as invested in your growth and success as you are. At Digital Marketing Group, we apply our knowledge of the legal field, as well as our extensive expertise in marketing and technology to get you the results you want and need.

Family Law

Just like a real family, Digital Marketing Group has your back. We know that family law is constantly evolving and there is always something unexpected happening. That is why we manage your digital presence and marketing campaigns, web design, content, and will even train your employees how to do what we do. You will be able to streamline your legal practice and bring your clients justice faster than ever.

Employment Law

At Digital Marketing Group, we tailor solutions to your legal practice, getting you results faster. Think of us as a business partner for your success. While our experienced team handles content and branding and everything in between, you can concentrate on your clients. Our comprehensive strategies put you in a position of power, where your employment law firm is getting more cases than ever before.

Other Law Firms

The legal world is fast-paced and competitive. In order to stay relevant, you need to constantly stay ahead. No matter what kind of legal practice you have-civil, criminal, municipal, real estate, or something else-and whatever challenges you face, Digital Marketing Group gives you our full support. We take our time to learn about your legal business, building a relationship and delivering creative, sustainable, and powerful tactics that empower you and your business. If you want to accelerate your growth and success, count on Digital Marketing Group.

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