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The home services industry is all about due diligence and hard work. You need to stay on top of it all if you want a job well done. That’s the same approach you need with marketing. Rather than waiting for organic growth and for locals to discover you when they need you most, hammer down a marketing strategy today. With an innovative marketing partner like Digital Marketing Group, you get an infinite toolbox to support your business growth.


HVAC contractors, roofers, plumbers, electricians, kitchen and bathroom renovators and remodelers, if there is one thing your businesses have in common, it’s this: a lack of exposure. Every home service, whether it’s improvement, repair, or construction, runs into the pothole of relying too much on wrapped work trucks and billboards. We’re not saying that isn’t going to work. But if you want to propel your business beyond the competition, you need a solid strategy.


Since 2010, Digital Marketing Group has been dedicated to helping legal groups establish an online presence and transcend normalcy. You won’t ever have to lose online traffic or a potential client to a less experienced attorney ever again.

We also understand that every legal practice has its own unique challenges. Some law firms require less assistance than others. For that reason, Digital Marketing Group offers three types of consultation services:

  • DIFM (Do It For Me) – Our team of marketers, creators, legal professionals, developers, and designers will take control of your SEO, content management and creation, marketing, ads, and more. This gives you the flexibility you need to run your law practice without needing to worry about your website or online presence.
  • DIWM (Do It With Me) – If you already have a dedicated marketing team in place or some knowledge about digital marketing, we will partner up with you. With the DIWM method, we become an augmented team that works with you to accelerate your marketing, advertising, and branding.
    DIY (Do It Yourself) – This level of consultation is ideal for those with skills in marketing who want to increase their proficiency and productivity. We will introduce to you some of our proven strategies, software; we also analyze and address any weaknesses in your current website or digital marketing efforts.

Our consultation services will be tailored to your legal practice, so you can transform your businesses into a high-powered force.


There will be a time when someone who visits your website isn’t looking for immediate assistance. Maybe they don’t need emergency roofing repairs or their ductwork cleaned. Those people still present an opportunity. Impress them now, and they are guaranteed to come to you when they need your services. With our team of seasoned and educated creatives, you will have a website and content—written and video—that nurtures those prospective clients.


Our creative team is not limited to freelancers but to professionals who know about HVAC, electrical, roofing, plumbing, kitchens, bathrooms, construction, and so much more. We tap into the experienced minds who know what you know, so your content proves that you’re an expert at what you do. 


In this digital age, speed is everything. Homeowners shop for nearly everything on the web before they ever pick up a phone. That means that home service businesses have to maximize lead generation and operational response so that consumers can engage with sales representatives more easily. Not only will we teach how to acquire appointment after appointment, but we will also focus on bettering your phone and email response time. On top of that, we will assist you in conveying an image through customized digital marketing strategies, social media management, and search engine optimization.


After consulting with our team and building up your brand, you will have the tools to build a solid foundation. But then comes the difficult part: getting people to call, or convert, in marketing speak. At Digital Marketing Group, we want to give you more than a foundation. We want to see you build a skyscraper out of all the opportunities you’ll have. We give you tools or work alongside you to generate and nurture leads, optimize your website, and launch targeted marketing ads. All that increases the number of inquiries and requests your home services business receives. 


When there is a plumbing emergency, or a new construction needs an electrician, or a building’s HVAC system needs maintenance, both homeowners and business owners search for the best contractors near them. The internet is flooded with home service websites, and even if your company is already present on Google or Bing, you need strategy and home services SEO to get you to the forefront of the crowd. After all, 47% of all clicks go to the first three places on the search results.


You’re going to need help. Digital Marketing Group doesn’t just have technology and experience, we have people who are as driven as you are to thrive.

Roofing Companies and Contractors

Ever wondered how some roofing companies seem to have requests coming in endlessly? They have employed roofing-specific SEO. In order to rise above the rest, you are going to need specialists that know the ins and outs of your industry and digital marketing. With Digital Marketing Group, our proven methods are not only guaranteed to work, but you’ll see remarkable results in the form of more traffic, more inquiries, and more booked jobs.

Plumbing and HVAC

One of the unique challenges of HVAC and plumbing technicians is that your business is often needed on-call, for sudden emergencies. This means you need a set of on-page optimization, quality content creation, link building, and social media engagement that lets people know you are available when they need you. Digital Marketing Group has developed a process that gets you seen locally while building brand recognition and reputation.


There is no shortage of electricians anywhere you go, which is why it’s so crucial that you present as the best and the brightest in the area. A generic website and content isn’t going to cut it. You need a partner like Digital Marketing Group. We take time to meet with you and analyze your goals, needs, and any past marketing campaigns. Then, we create a comprehensive strategy that includes content creation, social media and website management, sales funnels, and electrician SEO. With us, you’ll get stellar results and a constantly evolving strategy to keep the appointments coming.

Other Home Service Businesses

Landscaping, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, painters, carpet cleaning, pest control, tree trimming, recycling, and so many other home service companies exist. Each industry has quirks and specific needs that other marking groups often forget about. Digital Marketing Group will never overlook what makes your business different from the rest. We not only refine your brand image, we provide top-quality content generated by creatives with knowledge and experience in your industry. From there, we furnish your website with home service SEO that attracts your target audience. Let us do the SEO and marketing, and you’ll never have to worry about securing new customers.

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