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The automotive industry is full of rapid changes and advancements. You need a special kind of formula to cross the finish line first and get the clients you want. With digital marketing services like advertising, content creation, SEO, and integrated marketing campaigns, you might call Digital Marketing Group a pitstop crew for your success.


Best of all—no gimmicks. We have developed meaningful strategies that save you time and money. No one else can achieve the same results we do.


We might not change tires in the blink of an eye, but we do deliver astounding results—fast. And that’s what you really want when you start looking into digital marketing. We provide a broad range of consultation services that can be tailored to your brand and business. From there, we develop and execute intelligently designed marketing campaigns, build your reputable persona, and win you new customers. Check out our three consultation styles to see which is best for you:


Since 2010, Digital Marketing Group has been dedicated to helping legal groups establish an online presence and transcend normalcy. You won’t ever have to lose online traffic or a potential client to a less experienced attorney ever again.

We also understand that every legal practice has its own unique challenges. Some law firms require less assistance than others. For that reason, Digital Marketing Group offers three types of consultation services:

  • DIFM (Do It For Me) – Our team of marketers, creators, legal professionals, developers, and designers will take control of your SEO, content management and creation, marketing, ads, and more. This gives you the flexibility you need to run your law practice without needing to worry about your website or online presence.
  • DIWM (Do It With Me) – If you already have a dedicated marketing team in place or some knowledge about digital marketing, we will partner up with you. With the DIWM method, we become an augmented team that works with you to accelerate your marketing, advertising, and branding.
    DIY (Do It Yourself) – This level of consultation is ideal for those with skills in marketing who want to increase their proficiency and productivity. We will introduce to you some of our proven strategies, software; we also analyze and address any weaknesses in your current website or digital marketing efforts.

Our consultation services will be tailored to your legal practice, so you can transform your businesses into a high-powered force.

At Digital Marketing Group, we believe that the best approach is hands-on. So, no matter which kind of consultation you choose, you can count on us to be there whenever you need us. Rather than a “set-it-and-forget-it” design, we provide you with a group of specialists who work on your behalf to ensure your business’ growth and success.


Digital Marketing Group has a unique insight into the automotive world. We know powertrains from OEM and consistently keep a finger on the pulse of the industry and technological trends. We’ll also keep you up to speed with the competition so you can overtake them with ease. We’ll help you tell a better story; your automotive business will stand out better than ever before.


How do we do that? We employ creatives who have knowledge and experience in the automotive industry to assist us in the creation of your content, website, and marketing campaign. If you want the best results, it pays to choose a marketing firm that understands your specific challenges.


Ever wonder how bigger automotive companies can find enough people to do all the work on their site and marketing? They don’t. They use software and automation that responds based on set conditions. Because of that, those larger businesses look so cookie-cutter and unimaginative. At Digital Marketing Group, we hire real personalities who are as invested in your business as you are.


While maintaining a focus on the automotive industry, we utilize proven digital marketing strategies that help you build a stronger reputation in the local community and engage with more potential clients. We do this through web and application development, social media management, search engine optimization, copywriting, and more.


You want to know that, after initiating all these strategies, you are going to benefit from it. The ultimate return-of-investment is having more cars in the shop and more appointments written in the books. You also want to see an increase in revenue. Our team has the skills to guarantee that kind of result and make it sustainable. We get you more conversions, which generally means that we develop a sales funnel targeting the ideal customer for your business. Then we set into motion a series of proven tactics that nurture that lead. The next time they need their vehicle serviced, they will come to you.


Automotive SEO is the only digital marketing strategy that new car sales, used car sales, collision repair, detailing shops, and mechanics should be using. Rather than optimizing the wrong details, automotive SEO is precise and works to target the people who want to use your services the most. The end result? More site traffic, more online conversions, and yes, more revenue. With Digital Marketing Group as your partner, you will have an edge against the competition thanks to our time-tested strategies and actionable insight.

Car Dealerships

Whether you’re selling new cars, used cars, exotics, or have a mixture inventory, you need targeted SEO strategies that upgrade your rank, get you more authority, and bring more people to your website. The better your strategy, the more your site gets seen by a relevant audience. Digital Marketing Group will evaluate you past and current marketing strategies, refine your chosen keywords, help you make quality content, and optimize every minute detail of your website.

Mechanics and Auto Body Shops

Auto mechanics and body shops rely on the formation of strong bonds and loyal customers. Digital Marketing Group has worked with many auto body shops, and we understand how important it is to promote your brand and make the best impression with your clients. We assist you in maintaining those relationships and building new ones by formulating sustainable marketing practices, managing your social media and business listings, and so much more.

Collision Repair Centers

You don’t want the same methods that dealerships use to attract customers. As a collision repair center, you have a very specific expertise, which means you need a sophisticated approach to marketing. Digital Marketing Group has extensive experience working with collision repair centers, and we have designed solutions that generate the results you want. Our ultimate goal is helping you maximize your return-of-investment, get more local traffic, and support your content creation and social media engagement.

Auto Detail Shops

Designs and content that is 100% market driven. That is what you need to bring up traffic, generate more interest, and get more people visiting your business. As an auto detailing business, you will need to make the best impression and show off your skills. With Digital Marketing Group as your partner, you will have a team of specialists who speak your language. We ensure you’ll have fresh branding, sales-driven and compelling content, and an SEO-optimized website.

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