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The healthcare industry has been taking great strides in utilizing digital and consumer-based systems. Are you? Not only that, but have you considered the new rules and regulations, continuous technological advancements, and use of Big Data in the future of healthcare? We have. And we know that, if you want to grow a healthcare business today, you are going to need forward-thinking digital marketing that prepares you for tomorrow. 

Healthcare Services


One of the biggest challenges happening in the healthcare industry right now is connecting with potential patients and getting them through the door. You need to harness the power of digital marketing to connect with more people. Digital Marketing Group understands those challenges involved in healthcare marketing, and we have the cure. 

We offer three levels of consultation that can be customized to suit your specific needs: 

  • DIFM (Do It For Me) – At this level, the team at Digital Marketing Group will sit down with you, discuss your goals, and then construct a digital marketing and web presence strategy. Our team will handle the website development and design, content creation, marketing, SEO, and much more, so you don’t have to.
  • DIWM (Do It With Me) – Perhaps you or others have experience with marketing, or you need assistance with managing your marketing campaigns. We will partner up with your established team, essentially bolstering their efforts. Together, we will enhance the reach of your marketing and advertising, strengthen your brand image, and also free up your team to do more essential tasks. 
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) – Have your marketing team learn from the pros. Our team will educate yours in what we do best. From there on out, you will see greater outreach and productivity. If needed, we will also consult with you about potential weaknesses in your strategy and offer proven methods that correct the issues.

No matter which kind of consultation you choose, we will look into your current objectives and future goals. From there, we develop an actionable strategy for marketing and engagement that will do more than get you more patients. You’ll see higher patient satisfaction, enhanced patient care, and even reduced advertising costs. 


Did you know that 47% of consumers will read at least three pieces of content before contacting a sales representative? Or that content marketing generates about three times the amount of leads of paid search advertising? If you want to attract patients who seek the level of quality and care that your practice offers, you need stunning digital content, branding, and streamlined communication.

Digital Marketing Group is a highly trained and experienced team of marketers, developers, designers, and creators who specialize in helping you make your mark on the world. We also have a team of writers who are experienced in the medical field to ensure that the content you deliver is accurate and evidence-based. 

Whatever your medical practice needs, Digital Marketing Group can materialize it and make your goals more attainable. 


Healthcare is undergoing a transformation. Whether your practice is newly established or has been around for decades, these days call for connecting with patients beyond the office. In fact, over 40% of people will search the internet and social media for a specific doctor before ever reaching out. 

With our healthcare-specific digital marketing strategies, you can engage with potential and returning patients with ease and build a strong reputation within your community. At Digital Marketing Group, we help you connect through content marketing, copywriting, web and application development, social media management, and also search engine optimization (SEO). 


Once you have developed a strategy and see heightened brand engagement, it’s time to start focusing on the one thing that every medical practice wants-increased patient volume. How do you get that? Conversions. Digital Marketing Group does more than set you up for success, we also ensure that you are able to draw in potential patients and entice them to pay your practice a visit. With lead generation and nurturing, site optimization, SEO, fill-out forms, ads, and other targeted marketing strategies, we guarantee a rise in phone calls, appointments, and walk-ins. 

And our team won’t stop there. We will continuously work with your healthcare practice, keeping your site and content ready for the ever-changing trends, so you’re always prepared for the next patient. 


The medical field is vast and varied. You can’t use the same marketing strategy as everyone else, especially if you want people to turn to you first. Digital Marketing Group knows that it is important to highlight what you specialize in and offer the best impression available. That is why we take the time to get to know you and your medical practice. We do more than support you; we set you up for growth. 

Dentistry and Orthodontics

You want real strategies and results when you work in dentistry or orthodontics. Digital Marketing Group has services that can be tailored to your practice’s philosophies, goals, and expertise. We keep an eye on the trends and technology, and we have content creators who know the world of dentistry and orthodontics as well as you do, so people will trust your practice even more. You will be able to focus on what’s important to your dentist or orthodontic practice: giving people a reason to smile.


Many chiropractors are faced with challenges not seen by other medical practices. You want to keep information as clear and straightforward as possible. Digital Marketing Group will align to your objectives and goals. You don’t want to have to worry about maintaining your brand image. We will do that for you. Digital Marketing Group has the proven strategies that give a medical practice like yours an edge against the competition.

Plastic Surgeons

More and more people are searching for the right plastic surgeon for the augmentations and surgeries they want. You need more visibility to be found. Digital Marketing Group has dozens of online marketing services made specifically for plastic surgeons. If you work with our team, you will have a team of experts who know SEO, Google Ads, social media, content creation, and integrated marketing solutions under one roof. We guarantee increased ranking on Google and more patients coming to your cosmetic surgery practice.

Physical Therapy

Running a physical therapy practice is challenging. The field is growing fast, and more and more people are looking for reputable and authentic physical therapists with their best interests in mind. Digital Marketing Group knows that you are different from the competition, and we also have the expertise, technology, and creative minds to make sure the world knows, too.. We are 100% committed to your success.

Psychologists and Therapists

When someone is looking for therapy, they look for a practice with compassion. Digital Marketing Group is the ally you need to develop the perfect brand image, message, and content to entice people to give you a call. Our team of dedicated experts will focus on your specific practice, come up with a strategy, and then work to deliver both immediate and long-term results.

Other Medical Practices

Regardless of what you practice, be it orthopedics, veterinary, complementary holistic approaches, or something else, we have the marketing and technology solutions to support every move you make. Digital Marketing Group offers marketing, web design, technology, social media and web presence management that is customized to suit the needs and goals of your medical practice. So, tell us a little about your practice. We’re just as excited to meet you as we are in promoting what you do best.

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